How do you think the City of Vallejo should use $25,727,736 ? THE AMERICAN RESCUE PLAN

July 21, 2021 / Comments (0)


ACT On March 11, 2021, the American Rescue Plan was signed. This legislation provides 1.9 trillion to address the COVID-19 pandemic and the corresponding economic crisis.This emergency legislative package funds vaccinations, provides immediate direct relief to individuals, and supports struggling communities.There are over 200 sections of relief outlined in the legislation, some notable funds and provisions include:• Local Fiscal Recovery funds for each city, town, and state• Stimulus checks for individuals• Expanded unemployment benefits• Emergency rental and homeowner assistance• School emergency relief fund• Shuttered venue relief and• Programs for restaurants and small business ownersThe City received $25,727,736 in Local Fiscal Recovery funds! We look forward to working with our community members and partner agencies to put these recovery funds to work!Make sure to subscribe to this project to stay updated on the City’s ARPA efforts.CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO SHARE YOUR IDEAS ON HOW THIS MONEY SHOULD BE USED.…

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