Capital City Pharmacy Brings New Retail Service to Downtown

Arthur Metu, RPh, opened the doors of Capital City Pharmacy at 339 Georgia Street on January 6, 2016. With a twenty year history working as a pharmacist in the Vallejo area, his original plan was to locate in the north east of downtown. Yet, as he began looking at sites, Metu become enamored with the downtown’s historic architecture. He named his business Capital City Pharmacy as a tribute to Vallejo’s proud history as California’s state capital for brief periods in 1852 and 1853.…

Reconnecting – Vallejo Police Department

The Vallejo Police Department is proud to announce the release of a new short length video which reflects upon contemporary policing and community relationships.

The police department worked with Dolphin Graphics Inc. to create this documentary style video which is just over 8 minutes in length. For several months, crews from Dolphin Graphics visited many local events, venues and community gatherings to document, record and capture various video footages and to interview local residents.…

New Business in Vallejo

Vallejo’s Boutique Classique — retro fashion for the modern woman

There’s a lot that’s unusual about the personal and professional partnership between Beth “Serenity” Holzman and her husband, Joel Lawrence Holzman — and the fact that they think they must have known each other in a previous life is only part of it.

The married couple’s latest venture — Boutique Classique, a Modern Vintage Clothing Store at 1711 Sonoma Boulevard, near Georgia Street — opened for business Aug.…

Streetscape Improvement Project

Starting in October 2015, and lasting at least half a year, the streets around parts of downtown will be more difficult to navigate as the third phase of the Vallejo Downtown Streetscape Improvement Project begins, city officials said.

Construction should take seven months, “but could be extended in the event of unforeseen conditions and inclement weather.”

The project includes streetscape and landscape beautification within a 14-block area bounded by Sonoma Boulevard to the east, Virginia Street to the north, Sacramento Street to the west and Maine Street to the south.…

Vallejo museum event thanks Lemke family, donors for contributions

Donors and members of the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum came together Sunday in appreciation of Richard and Christine Lemke, who helped found the museum, and to unveil a plaque to dedicate the entryway rotunda to the couple. It was important to dedicate and rename the rotunda after the Lemkes “because the Lemkes had given so much to starting the museum 40 years ago,” Kathy Hoffman, president of the museum, said. “Over the years, they constantly contributed and now with their estate contributing as well, it was about time we honor them.” The reception, also meant to honor other museum donors and members, was held in the museum’s Hall of History, which displayed their latest art exhibit, “World War II Homefront Quilts.” The quilts depicted life in the United States during World War II and served as a backdrop to the event. Although the bronze plaque was still in the process of being made, the museum unveiled a representation of that plaque to museum members, including Dorothy Herger, Christine Lemke’s sister.

‘Unity, strength’ in Vallejo Business Watch program

Vallejo Police Sgt. John Garcia, center, outlines the objectives of an organizational meeting as residents, business owners and members of the police department gathered for Wednesday night’s ‘Business Watch’ meeting at the Temple Art Lofts. MIKE JORY — VALLEJO TIMES-HERALD

Vallejo Police Department Cpl. John Garcia said the working theory behind the city’s new Business Watch program — and, indeed, the entire Neighborhood Watch program — is “in unity there is strength.”

Police Department officials figured some 50 downtown business owners, managers, residents and others participated in Wednesday’s first-ever Business Watch meeting at the Temple Art Lofts on Marin Street.