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Clean Alleyways!

Recology offers FREE recycling containers for all businesses that currently have garbage service. We encourage you to take advantage of this program, as it is a great way to reduce your bill. If you find your container is consistently overflowing, this can reduce the amount of material you are disposing of. Additionally, it can help you avoid the possibility of the health department requiring you to upgrade a larger container due to recurrent garbage overflow.

To avoid illegal dumping in your containers, you can also request FREE locking containers, with keys.

Call Recology to request your free recycling container and/or locking dumpster at 707-552-3110. You can also call City of Vallejo Recycling Coordinator Derek Crutchfield at 707-648-5346with any of your concerns. He’s here to help!

Thanks for your help in keeping our downtown clean!

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