Join Stan Clark – Astro Botanicals at the Autumn Lights Festival

October 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Join Stan Clark – Astro Botanicals at the Autumn Lights Festival


Autumn Lights Festival and the Astro Botanicals Celestial Garden!

This very special event is October 17, 18 and 19th in Oakland, California from 6 to 11pm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The Lake Merritt Botanical Gardens hosts an amazing after dark art exhibition of approximately 100 illuminated artists. This night time family festival is located in beautiful gardens with lots of spaces to explore a wide variety of glowing art. Autumn Lights is the best show of the year for Astro Botanicals. The sculptures occupy the center of the garden, surrounded by redwood trees and ornamental fountains and plants. The crowd is a full mix of all ages, with lots of toddlers around sunset.

You may have seen Astro Botanicals one at a time or as a small group but they are really best in a large installation. This Celestial Garden has over twenty sculptures in 9 varieties. These giant flowers challenge your perceptions and express something meaningful with their natural shapes and shifting colors. It gives you an immersive experience from a pollinator perspective. This is a garden of devotional art designed to give you a transformational sensory purification. It is a healing place full of the possibilities of kindness, justice and hope, an ideal environment for discovery and self actualization.
I make these giant magical creatures because I believe in empowering children. Imagination is an important part of achieving a fair and just world. I committed to world peace a long time ago and that has led me on this long creative journey.

If you are unable to attend, feel free to check in on Instagram at #astrobotanicals or request them for your own event.