Caltrans Activates Pedestrian Safety System

SR-29 in Vallejo HAWK/Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons

Project Overview The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has installed new Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons also known as the High Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) System on State Route 29/Sonoma Boulevard (SR-29) in Vallejo.

Beacon Locations The new beacons have been installed at four intersections along SR-29 which are located at:

  • SR-29/Sonoma Blvd and Illinois Street
  • SR-29/Sonoma Blvd and Alabama Street
  • SR-29/Sonoma Blvd and Ohio Street
  • SR-29/Sonoma Blvd and Capitol Street

Work began in June 2017 and is scheduled to be in operation by the end of February 2018.…

Vallejo Police Department Hires a New Code Enforcement Officer

Vallejo Police Department would like to introduce Code Enforcement Officer David Gomez. He will be investigating all reports of illegal dumping on public property. If you have witnessed illegal dumping on public property and have evidence to share with Officer Gomez (pictures, videos, license plate numbers, vehicle description, personal description) please contact Officer Gomez at our illegal dumping hotline 707-648-0445 or 

Vallejo Police Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Operation Results


Vallejo, CA – On February 25, 2018, members of the Vallejo Police Department Traffic Division and Community Services Section conducted an abandoned auto enforcement operation.  We checked 162 cars that were reported to us as abandoned.  Of the cars checked, we found 100 to be currently registered, legally parked or not at the reported location.  However, we issued 17 parking citations and marked 13 cars to be towed if not moved in 72 hours.  …

Grand Opening for Downtown Joint District Office

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Dear Neighbor,

Please join me, Congressman Thompson, and Assemblymember Grayson at the grand opening of our new joint district office in downtown Vallejo on January 25th. The event will provide a great opportunity to discuss issues and legislation impacting our community. The joint office marks the first time in recent history that all three offices have been co-located and will provide you with a one-stop shop to receive assistance from your state and federal representatives.