Reconnecting – Vallejo Police Department

The Vallejo Police Department is proud to announce the release of a new short length video which reflects upon contemporary policing and community relationships.

The police department worked with Dolphin Graphics Inc. to create this documentary style video which is just over 8 minutes in length. For several months, crews from Dolphin Graphics visited many local events, venues and community gatherings to document, record and capture various video footages and to interview local residents.

Dolphin Graphics recording crews worked with full autonomy to freely record, edit and produce the video without any influence or input from the police department. Police Chief Andrew Bidou first introduced this video to the public during the Dinner with the Chief event, which was held at the Joseph Room of the public library on the evening of Tues Dec. 1st 2015.

The video will now be available for all of the public to view at the below listed links.

Weblink to YouTube:

Weblink to the Vallejo Police Department’s website: