Vallejo City Council Holds Vote on 20′-21′ Budget A Special Meeting Will Be Held Virtually on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 7:30 PM

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VALLEJO, CA – On Tuesday, June 23rd, City Council elected not to adopt the City’s proposed budget for FY 2020-21, which was originally presented to Council on May 15th. During the June 23 meeting, 150+ public comments were received and read to Council regarding the City’s proposed budget. Many of the comments were in support of funding more community and youth programs and a number of them called to decrease or eliminate additional funding for the Vallejo Police Department. The Council directed staff to return the following week to continue the budget discussion.
Due to this, City Council will reconvene in a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday, June 30th to continue the discussion of the budget for fiscal year 20’-21’. City staff is recommending in a staff report to Council that they authorize the City Manager to immediately initiate a survey of the community on current priorities, needs, and issues. This survey will contribute additional citizen input for consideration by the City Council prior to finalizing the FY 2020-21 General Fund budget. The City can continue to operate its General Fund under the old 19’-20’ budget, on a monthly basis, until the survey is complete. It is anticipated staff will return to Council in late July.
Staff is also recommending that the Council adopt other parts of the proposed budget, specifically Water and Other Funds, for fiscal year 20’-21’ at the June 30th meeting to ensure important operational and capital needs continue to be adequately funded.
To view the June 30th special meeting and agenda, visit:

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