Downtown Vallejo – CCRC

Our mission is to revitalize Historic Old Town Vallejo as the main street of commercial and cultural activity that promotes shopping, working, dining, and living in a secure and progressive environment.

This is achieved through improvements and activities that include: beautification, security, promotions and advocacy.

Downtown Maintenance Crew

Our maintenance crew is a dedicated team of professionals who keep the downtown district clean and beautiful.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Keeping the sidewalks clean and free from litter and cigarette butts.
  • Maintain the foliage in the planters along Georgia Street.
  • Maintain dog waste dispensers.
  • Work closely with Public Works Department to address maintenance or repair issues.
  • Report large graffiti tags.
  • Report illegal dumping using SeeClickFix .
  • Provide visitors with directions.

In addition to our maintenance services, CCRC includes projects for beautification to improve the appearance and walkability of the downtown.  Examples of our beautification improvements include: tree trimming, holiday décor, banners, updating signage, murals, benches, installing flowering plants, and lights in the trees.

Downtown Safety Ambassadors

Our Downtown Safety Ambassadors are highly trained individuals who patrol the Downtown 40 hours a week.  Through daily interactions with the public and the Vallejo Police Department they help to reduce crime and act as the eyes and ears of the Downtown.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Meet with business owners during routine patrols and discuss any issues.
  • Patrol the district to deter crime and nuisance behaviors.
  • Respond to calls for service.
  • Report crime to the Vallejo Police Department.
  • Help connect social services to people who need them.
  • Report illegal dumping, streetscape repair issues.
  • Provide safety access at the Saturday Farmers Market.
  • Remove small graffiti tags.
  • Escort people walking to downtown destinations.
  • Help visitors with directions and information.


CCRC represents downtown property and business owners to government and elected officials.  We develop and make recommendations on policies that impact the downtown.  These include: crime and vagrancy as well as supporting downtown community projects and events.


CCRC works to strengthen the downtown business community to create awareness and reasons for people to come downtown and shop, conduct business, and socialize.

These activities include but are not limited to:

  • Providing an informative website.
  • Listing available properties.
  • Publish a quarterly newsletter.
  • Sponsor programs or events which promote the downtown.
  • Saturday Farmers Market.

To view our district click on the link below

District MAP