About CCRC

The Central Core Restoration Corporation  provides a wealth of valuable services in the downtown, coordinating with property and business owners, city agencies and community organizations in administering the Property and Business Improvement District.  Here are a few of our past year’s accomplishments, as well as current services provided by the CCRC.  


  • Security: 2 guards, 8 hours/day and 6 days/week throughout the district. 
  • Saturday Farmer’s Market: oversee and manage 
  • Employ a 30 hr/week staff person to create newsletters, attend city meetings, coordinate with city staff and community organizations, and facilitate programs and services including Farmer’s Market and Black Talon security  
  • Regular graffiti removal via Black Talon
  • Litter pick-up 5 days a week, partnering with community outreach programs 
  • Maintain street benches and planters in good repair 
  • Coordinate with Community Services Sector, Black Talon and Public Works departments for regular litter, graffiti, illegal dumping and code violation remediation 
  • Work with various City Departments towards other district improvements  
  • Sponsor downtown events such as Mad Hatter, Art Windows Project, Light Up Vallejo, and others
  • Maintain tree pruning schedule for the downtown district 
  • Maintain, install and remove Christmas banners and holiday garlands 
  • Assist landlords and tenants to lease vacant spaces  
  • Encourage property owners to maintain buildings in good condition 
  • Maintain website (www.downtownvallejo.com) to foster better communication with property and business owners, including links to all downtown businesses and lease/sale opportunities 



Central Core Restoration Corp. Board Members

Buck Kamphausen, President
Tom Bartee, Vice President
Fred Sessler, Secretary
Tom Pezzuto, Treasurer
David Fischer
Chris Platzer
Janet Sylvain
Don Harris, Esq.
Mike Brigandi
Michael O’Rourke
Annette Taylor, City of Vallejo


History:  Central Core Restoration Corporation (CCRC) was created to provide additional services to properties in Downtown Vallejo. It began in 1980 as a committee that was formed to study ways to revitalize the downtown core. In 1995 the CCRC became incorporated as a private non-profit management corporation. In 1997/98 a Property Based Improvement District (PBID) was formed. There are about 250 commercial property owners within this district who pay an assessment tax.  CCRC utilizes the Property Based Improvement District Funds to implement revitalization program and to manage the district for Downtown Vallejo. All members of the CCRC Board of Directors are volunteers.

Purpose: To improve and promote the economic well-being of Downtown Vallejo through the creation of a management district, the creation of a Downtown Vallejo public-private partnership, and related activities.

District Improvements and Services:  CCRC provides services related to the administration of the Downtown Property and Business Improvement District, which includes a maintenance program to provide additional cleaning, debris removal, graffiti removal, landscape maintenance and maintenance of streetscape improvements within public right of ways: an economic development and marketing program to provide an internet presence, hand-out publications and improved signage: and a security program to support additional security services, as well as other services or improvements.

old bank ___from ddm427Service Details: We provide daily debris, illegal dumping, landscaping and maintenance service to the downtown, including tree pruning. Other services are graffiti removal, maintaining downtown benches and light pole painting. Most importantly we provide private security to help keep our streets and businesses safe and secure.  We contract with Pacific Coast     Farmers Market, providing a popular, year-long Farmers Market that brings fresh produce and specialty foods and promotes community interaction.  We also maintain a website which includes a business directory and opportunities to advertise vacant or for-sale properties, and provide a newsletter to inform of developments downtown for property and business owners.

Funding: CCRC is funded through property assessments which owners pay into a Property and Business Improvement District.  Those funds are held by the city and disbursed yearly.  The cost to the parcel owner is based on lot size, street frontage along the longest side of the parcel, and benefit zone. 

Partnership: In addition to promoting a vibrant downtown community, CCRC partners with the City of Vallejo as a strong voice for the downtown, enlisting the cooperation of city government to efficiently strengthen services, support economic development and improve communication.  Other community partners include Vallejo Main Street, the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce, and Victory Outreach.

CCRC Boundary Map

CCRC Map Final 4