Vallejo Police Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Operation Results

December 12, 2019 / Comments Off on Vallejo Police Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Operation Results


On December 1, 2019, members of the Vallejo Police Department Traffic Division conducted an abandoned auto enforcement operation.  We checked 102 cars that were reported to us as abandoned.  Of the cars checked, we found 59 to be currently registered, legally parked or not at the reported location.  However, we issued 7 parking citations and marked 11 cars to be towed if not moved in 72 hours.  In addition, we impounded 25 cars for various violations, issued 3 moving violation citations, recovered 2 stolen cars and made 1 arrest.  There are still over 500 reported “abandoned” vehicles to be checked that we work through in the order received.  Oftentimes we target particular areas during these periodic dedicated operations.

The Police Department encourages anyone who has a vehicle that is unregistered, missing parts needed to operate or otherwise left on a city street to have it removed and/or brought into compliance with state and local laws.

We remind you that you can report abandoned vehicles in multiple ways:

  • By phone – (707) 648-4682
  • On the internet – – Click on City Hall, Police, Online Services
  • Vallejo Police Mobile App (Available for iOS and Android platforms)

We will continue operations like this in the coming months as we work to rid the streets of blighted vehicles.